Reggie's Barmitzvah

Celebrating the Bar Mitzvah of Reggie

Reggie chose to celebrate this momentous occasion with a luncheon and a party, surrounded by his nearest and dearest family and friends.

Our team were in attendance at both the luncheon and the Bar Mitzvah party to document the excitement and emotion of the events; allowing Reggie and his family to relax and enjoy themselves, rest assured that their special moments were being captured.

Special Moments That Matter

Reggie’s celebratory lunch was held at the magnificent Moor Park Golf Club in Hertfordshire; where family and friends gathered to share special moments with the man of the hour, before the main party event.

The elegant and tasteful venue decor provided a perfect setting for the evening. The dining hall where the lunch was situated, was laden with fine art and intricate filigree that provided a beautiful backdrop for our photography. That’s why we made sure to showcase all the finer details within the interior decor, with our professional photography, to perfectly convey the vibrant atmosphere of the event.

Our photographer Adam, attentively photographed the service and ensured every meaningful moment was captured. From emotional speeches from family members to little moments of laughter; we documented the special memories that Reggie and his family would cherish for years to come.

Impressive Entertainment

Uptown Events worked their magic for Reggie’s Bar Mitzvah party; providing unparalleled service and entertainment that ensured Reggie and his family had a spectacular night that they would not soon forget.

Talented singers, fantastic food and delightful dancers, Kat and Benjy, were amongst some of the great entertainment provided at the event, as well as exotic cocktails supplied by sophisticated mixologists Liquid Events. All the individual elements combined to make an unforgettable event for Reggie and his family.

Capturing the Action and Excitement

Apollonia in Middlesex was the ideal location for this highly-anticipated event. The venue was beautifully decorated with party balloons, a dazzling disco ball and elegant place-settings to make the occasion truly unique

This joyous occasion was filled with fun, excitement and laughter and our cinematographer Cal, made sure to capture it all with our unique cinematography service. With Reggie’s own speech and the evening’s celebrations all documented, helping Reggie to relive every moment of his exciting event time and time again.

Reggie also selected our photo booth service, which was supervised by our photo booth assistant Spencer. The booth was a hit with both the adults and the kids! Guests could choose from a range of funky props and funny backgrounds to create quirky photos; capturing happy memories that will be remembered for years to come.

Thoughtful words from Kara Heward…

Kara, Reggie's mother, kindly had this to say about our services:

The team at Flix'n'Pix were amazing from start to finish, so much so that my first phone called was returned whilst the owner was on his honeymoon! The level of professionalism was outstanding and the team were brilliant all weekend. I barely knew they were there but they captured the day beautifully. I would recommend Flix'n'Pix highly to anyone looking for a brilliant professional photographer. Thank you again!